About Us

Connecting Rentals Worldwide is a Bethel, Maine based company operating ConnectingRentals.com, an innovative website for Owners to list their vacation properties and Guests to find the perfect getaway. The site makes it easy for Owners to advertise their properties, connect directly with Guests, manage listing content, and track reservations online through a simple user interface.

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The Difference

At Connecting Rentals Worldwide, we believe that high quality vacation rental listing sites are critical to helping Owners generate rental income from their vacation property. Because there are so many vacation rental listing sites online today, choosing which listing sites to include in your marketing strategy can be difficult. It can be hard to determine whether or not a website is credible or will produce bookings.

Connecting Rentals Worldwide is one of the most credible vacation rental listing sites online today. The site was developed, continues to be developed, and is operated by rental professionals who have been active and hands-on in helping Owners generate rental income since 1994. Connecting Rentals Worldwide was founded by members of Connecting Rentals of Bethel, a vacation rental agency that pioneered and continues to lead the market in the Bethel - Sunday River area of Maine, home to Sunday River Ski Resort, one of the most popular resort destinations in the Northeastern United States. Learn more about Connecting Rentals of Bethel .

Our long-standing partnerships with Owners and full understanding of the industry and rental process from start to finish is what sets us apart. When you list your property on Connecting Rentals Worldwide, you can be assured that the people behind the site care, will listen, understand, and will take your collective feedback into account with a clear long-term vision of developing the best vacation rental listing site on the web.

Anyone who would like to list a property can choose from Listing Packages  starting from  $49 annually -  an unbeatable value for our comparable features and tools to sites like HomeAway / VRBO & Airbnb.

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Site Features

Connecting Rentals Worldwide is a full-featured listing site, offering user-friendly tools to help Owners effectively market their vacation properties online. We make it easy for Owners and Guests to connect directly, and simplify the reservation process for everyone. Below are some of the major highlights:

Full Featured Listings

Vacation rental listings on Connecting Rentals Worldwide allow Owners to display the critical information Guests need when considering renting a vacation property. Our listings ensure that Guests know as much as possible about the property and terms of the rental prior to making contact. Listings include:

  • Online booking & Instant quotes
  • Descriptive property title
  • Detailed property description
  • Property type & square footage
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, guests
  • Nightly, weekly, monthly and seasonal pricing
  • Standard pricing & pricing for extra people
  • Special offer pricing
  • Discounts & add-ons
  • Additional rates information
  • Policies, terms and conditions
  • Photos & videos
  • Property availability & when last updated
  • Minimum stay & changeover day
  • Property reviews
  • Searchable property highlights
  • Coupon codes
  • Fine map location
  • Directions & area description
  • General, indoor, and outdoor amenities
  • Services provided by the Owner
  • Property accessibility
  • Local activities & area attractions
  • Owner's email inquiry form
  • Owner's name, phone, languages spoken
  • Owner's profile image or company logo
  • Owner's personal website link
  • Guest's Save to Favorites
  • Guest's quick print & mobile QR Code
  • Guest's property PDF
  • Guest's Send to a Friend form
  • Social sharing tools

Secure Owner Dashboard

The site includes a secure Dashboard / Owner administration area where Owners can manage profiles, listings, inquiries, reviews, reservations and payments. Owners can also leave the Dashboard while still logged in to navigate the site, search for rentals, store favorites, and post reviews for properties in which they have stayed.

Reservation Management Tools

The site does not require that you use the reservation management system, however Owners with properties that generate a high volume of bookings will find these tools highly valuable. Our system leaves you in charge of your own familiar reservation processes if you want to be, but our built-in tools are there if you need them.

In the Dashboard area you can track inquiries as they come in and update your calendar status to pending while working out the details of your potential reservation. You can store information like arrival and departure dates, number of adults and children, rental cost including any discounts or add-ons, and contact details for the renter such as name, address, telephone number and email. Then, once your reservation and payment details are finalized you can send confirmation to the renter and update calendars to booked.

Search Position Control

Connecting Rentals Worldwide has 3 ways for you to control your search position in your property's respective location on the site. You can choose to either "Feature" your property, "Highlight" your property, or both Feature and Highlight your property for 30 days at a time.

The Feature / Highlight system works in a hierarchy. Highlighted listings will appear above Standard listings. Featured listings will appear above both Highlight and Standard listings, as well as in a special Featured properties area at the top of the page. A property that is both Featured and Highlighted will appear above all other listings, and first in the Featured properties rotation at the top of the page.

Why is this important? For locations in which there are several pages of listings and high competition, you can Feature or Highlight your listing to move yourself to the first page or "top" positions. The first page of listings in a location is considered the "landing page". Properties on the landing page are more likely to be viewed and convert to inquiries. Featured and Highlight listings are a paid service option that puts you in control of your property's visibility, and lets you decide the timing and frequency of your top search positioning .

Advertise Deals & Special Offers

Advertise deals and special offers during off-peak times to help fill your calendar with booked dates, or include special offers as part of your overall pricing strategy to attract the growing number of vacationers that look specifically for deals.

The title of your special offer price will appear on your listing on location search results pages and in your rates table on your property details page. You do not have to pay to advertise your deals, you may post them at any time.

Connect Your Calendar

Use our handy calendar widget to display availability on your personal vacation rental website if you have one. Update availability once and you're done. Simply cut the calendar widget code found in the "Tools & Settings" section of your listing in the Dashboard area and paste it into your own website where you would like the calendar to appear. Once the code is in place, you can update your calendar on Connecting Rentals Worldwide, and the calendar on your own website will automatically update. This feature requires a basic knowledge of HTML.

Text Message Inquiry Alerts

We offer SMS Packages to help you stay ahead of your competition. SMS stands for "Short Message Service", and allows you to receive text messages when someone submits an inquiry for your property on Connecting Rentals Worldwide. The text message contains the potential renters name, phone number and email. With an SMS package, even if you are on-the-go, you can reply back right away, if at the very least to confirm that you have received the inquiry. Generally speaking, if you do not reply back to an inquiry in 1 hour or less, another Owner's property will likely be rented .

Guest Accounts

Free Guest accounts allow site visitors and rental guests to pre-populate inquiry forms with their contact information, store favorites, track reservations and post reviews.

Guests have their own administration area where they can review their favorite property listings at any time. The Guest admin area makes it easy to stay connected with Owners and confirm whether a reservation is inactive, pending, or booked, and whether or not a payment has been confirmed. After a stay in a property, a renter or guest with a Guest account can submit a property review. Guest accounts help to maintain the validity of reviews by allowing the Owner to check the name of the guest against the booked dates, both of which are required to submit a review.

Advanced Search Filters

Connecting Rentals Worldwide implements advnaced search filters to simplify the process of finding the perfect vacation rental. Search filters allow site visitors to drill down and find the rentals that best fit their specific criteria by defining location, travel dates, whether or not the dates are flexible, price per night, number of bedrooms, number of guests, preferences by keyword, property type, location type / theme, popular amenities, and suitability. The filters help potential guests find the rentals that best fit their needs, which helps Owners receive qualified inquiries.

And, Much, Much More!

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Online Booking & Payments


Connecting Rentals Worldwide's online booking system gives property Owners & Managers the ability to accept major credit cards and PayPal payments while securely requesting payment from Guests. Payments are processed via PayPal, the World's leading Secure Payment Gateway. You must have a valid PayPal account to enable online booking and begin accepting payments. If you do not have an existing PayPal account, setting up a PayPal account is easy and free - you can sign up here .

Once a Guest has booked a reservation online, their travel dates will be designated a "Pending" status, and they will need to wait for a confirmation email from the Owner or Manager of the property. Once the confirmation email is received, the dates will be designated a "Booked" status, and the reservation will be complete.

Owners / Managers

To activate or deactivate online booking at any time, login to the Dashboard, then, in the menu at left, navigate to Rental Manager > Manage listings. Click the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the page for the listing you would like to manage. Now, from the "Edit listing" page, click the "Settings" icon. Check or un-check the box next to "Allow bookings" to activate or deactivate online booking and click save at the bottom of the page to save your new settings.

To accept online payments, you must have a valid PayPal account. To link your PayPal account to your Connecting Rentals Worldwide profile, login to the Dashboard, then, in the menu at left, navigate to My Account > Change profile. Now, from the "My Account Overview" page, enter your registered PayPal email where it indicates Booking / PayPal Email . Your Connecting Rentals Worldwide profile is now linked to your PayPal account, and you are ready to accept payments online.

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The Booking Process

When a Guest chooses chooses to book a property through Connecting Rentals Worldwide, the requested dates will be put into "Pending" status and the Owner will receive a "Pending Reservation Notification". The notification will also include the Guest's name, phone number, and email so the Owner may contact the Guest to discuss details of the rental before confirming the pending reservation. If the Owner chooses to confirm the pending reservation, the dates will automatically be changed to "Booked" status and the Guest will receive a "Reservation Confirmation Notice". Verified Owners will receive payment within 7 - 10 days of receipt: Request Owner Verification.

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